Continental Capital Partners (CCP) provides a full-range of asset management services for commercial real estate properties. Tenant retention is paramount, so our primary goal is to provide our tenants with first-class management services. CCP has been successful in establishing strong tenant relationships through the belief that the tenant-landlord relationship is a partnership that benefits from an owner-operator approach. CCP operates based on the belief that our customers are seeking a broad range of services to support and enhance their core business operations. CCP strives to understand our customers’ business and to work cooperatively with them to provide targeted building amenities and service programs to serve their needs and enhance their productivity, as well as meticulously maintaining the physical foundation of each property.

We utilize well respected and established local third party property management firms in all of the markets where we have assets. We oversee the daily operations of our local third party property management teams because we believe it puts us in the best position to control and manage property management services on a cost-efficient basis for our investors. We receive weekly updates from our local property managers and leasing brokers. Our asset managers have bi-weekly calls with the local property management team, leasing teams, and construction teams to insure we implement a holistic investment strategy to maximize cash flow and value for our investors. In addition, we utilize technology that provides live leasing information for each property we own so we can react in real time to leasing transactions helping us outperform competing properties. We consistently provide above standard asset management to insure the success of our investments.